Accuracy and Reliability Cover

As more manufacturers are looking to automate their processes to increase standardization and consistency, it has been found that there are two key factors that can impact desired production outputs: accuracy and repeatability. The ability to control these two variables has a direct effect on increasing productivity and efficiency. Increased consistency in the production of manufactured goods decreases the likelihood of defects and substandard products.

Electromechanical actuators (EMAs) give the user greater control of motion than hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Download Accuracy and Repeatability in Linear Actuators: Why Electromechanical Systems Outperform Pneumatics and Hydraulics to learn the following:

  • Factors that determine the accuracy and repeatability in a linear actuator
  • Causes of variabilities in hydraulic and pneumatic actuators that affect consistent performance
  • EMAs’ ability to mitigate variables that could decrease accuracy and repeatability